Green Jobs and The Clean Energy Economy

Green Jobs and The Clean Energy Economy. Essay issued by Copenhagen Climate Council, 2009

On of the foundations for the work above on green jobs is this essay, co-authored by Ditlev Engel and Daniel Kammen of UC Berkeley. It is based on research at UC Berkeley which e.g. shows that renewable energy and energy efficiency creates more jobs pr. unit of energy than fossil fuel. Whether this a long term trend or if it just applies to the development phase of renewable energy rather than the production phase is not well understood yet. The essay also adresses this, suggesting that if you include externalities and environmental benefits, green jobs are certainly more cost effective and thereby more attractive. The numbers are interesting: “The renewable energy sector generates more jobs per unit of energy delivered than the fossil fuel-based sec-tor. This is true for all technologies within the renew-able energy sector (Table 2). A 20% national RPS in 2020 produces more than a million additional job-years than the case where there is no renewable generation and this 20% of generation is produced by coal and natural gas (see Appendix)”. Biomass and wind typically create up to double as many jobs as coal. Solar energy creates up to 9 times as many jobs as coal, while energy efficiency efforts triple job creation.

Read the essay (external link)

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